Customer Consumer Units – Fuse Boards – Distribution Boards

At SandCo Electrical Ltd our professional qualified engineers are ready to upgrade and replace your electrical Fuse boards / Consumer units / Distribution boards if needed. All installations since 2008 need to be up to 17th Edition standard with the emphasis mainly on the fuse board.

All homes or business’ contain an electrical Fuse board / Consumer unit / Distribution board, Its the first port of call for the electricity to enter and then distribute the power to your chosen circuits ie, the electricity to your lights, sockets, cookers, heating etc…

Fuse boards / consumer units / Distribution boards are sometimes the forgotten part within every electrical installation as these are usually hidden away somewhere but without it, you simply wouldn’t have electricity. These are also the home to many circuits and so need to be correctly installed and fully compliant for your SAFETY.

Regulations and additional safety devices have been developed throughout the years and so we advise older fuse boards / consumer units / Distribution boards be replaced with a new a 17th Edition fuse board.

The Fuse board / Consumer units / Distribution Boards should now be 17th Edition compliant although there are certain ways to upgrade your original Fuse Board to allow 17th Edition compliancy without replacing the whole thing, although in general, replacing would be recommended or in most cases essential.

For your Fuse board / Consumer unit / Distribution Board to be 17th Edition compliant, they must contain protective devices such as:

  • RCD (residual current device): for protection against electric shock and detects residual current.
  • MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker): for protection of the cables and for detection of any short circuit current.
  • RCBO (Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker with integral Overcurrent Protection): does the jobs of both the RCD and MCB together.

It you have any concerns with the quality, age or general condition of wiring to your property or existing installation, don’t hesitate to contact SandCo Electrical for your FREE quote and we can take a look at your wiring and use our knowledge to undertake any recommendations needed to create a safe and worry free Electrical environment.