Fault Finding

At SandCo Electrical, all Fault finding due to its complexity is charged by the hour, as it is very difficult to diagnose a non-visual fault and the time it will take to correct.

Contact us to discuss any faults and we will arrange an engineer to inspect and correct right away!

These can range from, water damage, tripping lights, no power, or nuisance RCD faults.

Most faults should be found within the first hour, although some are more difficult and would require in depth testing.

Sometimes the appliances may be at fault, and can be checked by disconnecting each appliance and one by one re-connecting until the RCD / MCB / Fuse trips out. This will then determine the appliance with the fault.

This is the simplest of fault finding, and so once this has been checked and if the fault continues, the problems will be down to the installation itself.

A full Inspection and Test will find any faults within an installation and then any remedial works can be discussed and rectified as per the clients wish.

For instance one fault finding job SandCo Electrical were asked to attend, where the customer had recently had a full re-wire from an unknown electrician, was complaining of tripping electrics when plugging in certain items.

At first everything seemed neat and tidy, but on closer inspection, the Live and Neutral conductors at the supply were reversed and so was causing these tripping issues.

But the tripping appliances were the least of the problems – due to the fact the polarity was reversed, the fuses within the Fuse board were only protecting the Neutral side of the circuits, and so the Live remained Live even when the MCBs /Fuses protecting the circuit, were switched off – the Neutral was switching, not the Live!

This is very dangerous to both the homeowner and indeed the tester, but was easily and quickly rectified and just shows how important fault finding can be!

Remember – turning off a circuit breaker only isolates the phase conductor, not the neutral – which can still give an electric shock. Electricity is dangerous and should be left to a competent, trained Electrician.