Smoke, Fire, Heat & Co2 Alarms

A good, working smoke alarm is a must. It will give you early an warning and extra time to escape if there is a fire. Every home should have at least one working smoke alarm.

They are also essential for Landlords as are Co2 alarms, both required before letting out your property.

SandCo Electrical can quickly and easily fit you a mains voltage, battery back up Smoke, heat or Co2 alarm, that can be powered via a near by lighting circuit in existing properties, or run as a new circuit in new builds.

Domestic Smoke alarms should comply with the British Standard (BS EN 14604:2005). We always use good quality Smoke alarms when installing in domestic properties.

  • Always put smoke alarms where they will be herd
  • If your home has only one level, the alarm should be fitted central of the living area and bedrooms.
  • If your home has more than one level, the alarms should be fitted at the top and bottom of the staircase.
  • Fit smoke alarms on the ceiling, near to the center of the room away from walls, bathrooms and Kitchens as could be set off accidentally.