Testing & Inspections

Test & Inspection from Only £140+VAT*

We all take our electricity for granted, we switch on the TV, or bedroom light and tend not to think, or worry how thats happened. Here at SandCo Electrical Ltd we want that to continue and so for complete peace of mind we recommend a complete Test and inspection on all properties, old or new.

Using the latest in Electrical Testing and Inspection – 17th Edition multi testers, we can take a look at the parts of the electric circuits the eye cannot see. We can check the quality of cables within walls and make sure a complete install meets up with BS 7671’s take on safe Electrics.

Current legislation states that properties should be inspected and tested every 5 years for commercial premises and every 10 years for domestic premises. Landlords also require a full Periodic Test and Inspection every 5 years or with a change of occupancy. This safe guards the Landlord and tenant alike.

Like all NIC EIC or Part P Certified Engineers, we follow strict guidelines to the 17th Edition BS 7671 Wiring Regulations, to insure quality and appropriate works are carried out and we pride ourselves on keeping quality high, while keeping prices fair and never hard sell work thats just not needed.

For landlords, a fully certified satisfactory report is required in order to let your property and is essential for Private Landlords, Councils and Estate Agents alike. And for private home owners a certified installation may be required for insurance purposes and can add value to your property when selling.

We currently deal with estate agents directly, and are able to attend local estate agents in order to pick up keys to carry out relevant tests and or remedial works, and return the keys, send the Landlord the report and give any advice so as to always keep the customer / landlord in the loop even when not attending.

The main reason for all Testing and Inspection is for you or your tenants SAFETY. To prevent any electrical major faults from ever occurring such as electrocution or electrical fires.

*£140+VAT Test and Inspection price based on standard single phase 8 used ways CCU