First and foremost… does your property need a re-wire?

Some do, some don’t. A lot of customers think they need a complete Re-wire due to tripping fuses, or a buzzing light switch, and in some cases they do. But more often than not, the problem can be over come via different, more cost effective routes.

There are certain ways to get an installation up to the 17th Edition standard, which is required, to receive a satisfactory Certificate – useful for many reasons, that do not always require a full Re-wire, although sometimes, there is no other option, maybe cable deterioration, badly made hidden connections, faulty fuse boards or a combination of the lot!

A full Test and Inspection would locate these faults and determine the next step to a SAFER property.

Most house fires are caused by electrical faults and a lot of fires and problems are caused by the overheating of cables due to poorly installed connections and/or wiring. This again would be put right following a full Re-wire, so complete peace of mind would be achieved.

Not only the safety aspect is affected by a full Re-wire, you are also adding value to your property, although some potential buyers may not see a Re-wire when initially looking round your property, you know they will not be able to knock you down on your asking price, on the fact the property may – or may not need a Re-wire.

Also this is now the time you can add some underfloor heating, outside lighting, that all important socket that was seriously lacking in the kitchen.

Unlike some Electrical Contractors, SandCo Electrical don’t use the cheapest standard fixtures and fittings, as we want our client to receive a good finished product and as most of our work is hidden in walls etc, we like the quality of our work to stand out and be seen. We can work with any specification of fixtures and fittings to meet the clients  exact requirements to ensure satisfaction and this will all be discussed prior to work commencing.

We can plan out all your electrics for you, or work around builders, or work to the  plans issued by the customer.

During this time, unfortunately there may be a certain amount of upheaval due to the complexity and work that goes into a Re-wire. We always strive to work with the customer to make the experience as pain free as possible and will do our best to work around you.

Unless surface mounted fixings are used, the walls will need to be chased and floor boards lifted, and if the property is occupied during the Re-wire, we make sure we leave the property clean and tidy between each days work, leaving your house… yours!

At SandCo Electrical when we complete a Re-wire we issue a Satisfactory NIC Certificate, which for most domestic properties will be guaranteed for 10 years, although the wiring would realistically last over 3 times that, this is the maximum time before your next Periodic Inspection and Test is required as per BS 7671.

Knowing your SAFETY, your FAMILIES SAFETY and the SAFETY OF YOUR POSSESSIONS will far outweigh the initial expense of a full re-wire and at SandCo Electrical we guarantee a competitive price and will match or beat any genuine like for like quote – and with our fully experienced, trained electricians, we deliver a quality experience second to no one!